Operations against hoarders will continue: Aleem


Senior Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that flour is available in abundance in all the areas at controlled rate and sale of 20 kg flour bags at Rs 860 and 10 kg bags at Rs 430 is being ensured.
In a tweet on Monday, he said that the flour is being supplied at government rates in all the districts of the province.
The minister said that a large number of flour bags were being supplied in the market by the flour mills on daily basis while the Food Department and local administration were closely monitoring the situation and strict action is being taken against profiteers and hoarders across the province and the government will not allow illicit profiteering at any cost.
Aleem Khan said that regarding wheat and flour prices in the province we are also planning for long term stabilization and for the next few years, the government procurement of wheat, quotas for flour mills and other mechanisms will be changed in such a way as to increase the competitiveness in the market and flour mills to work along with banks to ensure the supply of wheat and flour to the citizens.
He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has promoted positive trends in the country’s politics and for the first time in the country’s history, advisers have placed their assets before the nation.
Aleem Khan said that in the past coming into government meant creating wealth and increasing personal assets and no one had the moral courage to hold the rulers accountable for their wealth and possessions.
Aleem Khan said that every aspect of the present national leadership is like an open book. Imran Khan has set a new trend in Pakistan’s political history with his 22-year struggle.
Abdul Aleem Khan said that the opposition should openly praise the good deeds of the present government. ‘If all this had happened earlier, the corruption graph would not have reached this point nor would these circumstances be in the country’, Aleem Khan concluded.

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