Operation against encroachments in full swing

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

To protect the urban population from floods the operation will continue day and night to remove illegal encroachments on the drainage channels, no obstruction will be tolerated in removing the encroachments and there will be no concession with the encroachment mafia. Additional Assistant Commissioner (AAC) Shamsul Zaman said.

The district administration under the supervision of AAC started operation against the illegal encroachments of drainage channels in the urban area Baricham union council. The officials removed illegal encroachments n the drainage channels.

On this occasion, Assistant Manager of Water Sanitation Services Company Muhammad Ishaq Ikramullah and local residents were also present. Additional Assistant Commissioner Shams-ul-Zaman, under his supervision, removed the accumulated rain water and cleaned the drains and against the encroachment caused by it.

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