Online petition launched for pedestrian-friendly roads

Staff Reporter

An online petition has been launched to raise voice for pedestrian-friendly roads and highways in the face of increasing vehicular traffic in the federal capital.

The petition underlined the need for various steps that included the creation of safe pedestrian walkways that do not run through traffic signals to foster a more inclusive city accessible to everyone, especially the disabled.

It also urged the relevant authorities to install Ped-SCOOT; a stereoscopic camera at pedestrian crossings to count pedestrians.

It activates when a pedestrian pushes the button and adjusts the traffic light to provide pedestrians time to cross if it detects high numbers of people waiting.

It also highlighted the need for the construction of dedicated cycle lanes throughout the city to facilitate non-motorized modes of transport.

“Pedestrian signals should be installed after every 200 meters to ensure smooth pedestrian crossings with the speed limit for cars between 40-50 km/hour. The current speed limit is 80 km/hour on many roads in Islamabad,” it said.

The petition said Islamabad is facing challenges of deteriorating air quality and restrictive mobility due to heavy reliance on car-centric infrastructure development.

“Classism and exclusion lie at the heart of Islamabad’s urban planning, which also explains the lack of public transport services available in the city.

Furthermore, pedestrian tracks and sidewalks are absent or dilapidated in most places resulting in low levels of walkability,” it said.

It is pertinent to mention here that pedestrians often face difficulties while crossing the roads due to heavy traffic and lack of pedestrian walkways.

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