One year project on increasing awareness of COVID-19 implemented



In order to increase awareness and prioritization of COVID-19, Shifa Foundation implemented a one-year project on COVID-19 Test and Treat Advocacy in Pakistan. The project team has arranged a Quarterly review meeting attended by the Senior Management and Program Team of the Shifa Foundation. Program Manager Said Shah shared the overall background of the project and said that Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) and Unit aid collaborated with Shifa Foundation to implement COVID-19 Test and Treat Advocacy Project in Pakistan.

The aim of the project was to develop context-sensitive advocacy strategies supported by accessible advocacy and communication materials to increase awareness of COVID-19 Test & Treat programs.

Project Manager Bawar Khan briefed the meeting about the achievements and targets of the Project.

He said, “The project has directly accessed more than 10,629 people including 6,612 women and young girls across Pakistan through 383 Community Awareness and Capacity Building Sessions on COVID-19 tests, treat-ment, SOPs, and vaccination.” “In addition to in-person community sessions, Shifa Foundation has also launched a Digital Media campaign and shared authentic and updated advocacy and communication materials about COVID-19 Test and Treat Advocacy.”

Electronic data showed that more than 25 million people reached key messages about COVID-19, SOPs, Tests and Treatments through Shifa Foundation’s digital media campaign. Speaking at the Quarterly Review Meeting, Bawar Khan shared that more than 11000 Information, Education and Communication materials/brochures were developed and distributed among the people.

The brochures and flyers focused on COVID-19 services including but not limited to basic information about ser-vice centres, preventive measurements, basic vaccination/ booster shots, and testing.

The meeting was briefed that the project ensured the involvement of more than 50 celebrities, health experts and volunteers for public awareness messages to urge communities to adhere to standard procedures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and get tested if they carry symptoms or have been in contact with infected people.