One belt one road initiative enemies: Fiction, lies and propaganda


Muhammad Ehsan

IN recent years, Chinese Government under the leadership of President Xi Jinping has taken big leaps to safeguard the economy and poverty alleviation strategy to uplift the living standards of people. China has pulled 754 million people out of poverty. Incidence of poverty has dropped from 10.2% to 0.4%.

While China was winning the war against the Covid-19 in the past few months, there have been some noises by Western media. Some attacked the training centre as “prisons” or “concentration camps”. In this regard, some of the Chinese nationals who have been brain washed and have fled China for personal benefit and spreading false propaganda in the western media. One example of the defamation and false propaganda of this whole scenario is a publication named “Uighurs for Sale”. The book is a collection of false and one-sided collection of information to support the anti-China propaganda. The publication authored by Vicky Xiuzhong Xu with Danielle Cave, Dr James lei bold, Kelsey Munro and Nathan Ruser emphasized on the Uighurs life and tried to prove that the education and vocational training and working places are concentration camps and Uighurs are forced to re-education’, forced labour and surveillance is carried out in different places of China beyond Xinjiang.

In the beginning of this publication the authors and publisher admit that this publication is designed to provide information in relation to the subject matter and no person should rely on the contents of this publication without first obtaining advice from a qualified professional.

In early May of this year, while searching foreign literature, I accidentally found a research report by the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy, “Trafficking Uyghur Labour: “Re-education”, Forced labour and Surveillance Beyond Xinjiang”, which involves the labour transfer and poverty alleviation issues of local governments in Xinjiang, China. I have been in China studying social sciences in Xinjiang for last one decade and based on my research and personal experience I can say that the report is full of malicious intent. I am almost certain that many of the “facts” mentioned in the report are very doubtful. Later, some American media and politicians hyped up the report and used it as evidence to attack and discredit the Chinese government’s policies and human rights in Xinjiang, in an attempt to legislate against companies that hire ethnic minorities from Xinjiang. The use of such a politically offensive report full of factual errors will not only make the already severe Sino-US relations worse, but also seriously affect the employment rights of Xinjiang ethnic minorities who are already employed and forced to resign.

Judging from its content, the author of the report tried to demonstrate an untenable conclusion by using inferior techniques such as shifting out of context, taking out of context, and distorting facts. The report is distortion of the facts to demonstrate the desired motives to attack on the Chinese government, the purpose of the research institution and the author can only be interpreted as malicious smearing of China, and can only be a comprehensive stigmatization of the Chinese government’s Xinjiang policies.

In this report the so-called “evidences” are full of logical loopholes and cannot stand scrutiny. Specifically, the report has the following characteristics in the use of evidence materials:

1. Secretly exchange concepts, malicious interpretations, lack of accuracy. This clumsy technique shows that the author is deliberately taking advantage of the differences in Chinese and English expressions, malicious interpretations, and typical secret exchange of concepts.

In addition, the “ASPI Report” mentioned in many places that the Chinese government “prohibited participation in religious ceremonies” and “prohibited religious activities”, but did not provide any factual basis. The original intention of the cited article is to guide migrant workers to stay away from illegal religious activities and extremist ideas. The same article was also used to prove that “participation in religious ceremonies is prohibited” In fact, considering that most Uighurs have relatively low Chinese proficiency and communication barriers, relevant units have been equipped with management cadres in order to better serve Xinjiang migrant workers in daily life and communication.

2. Subjective speculation, lack of objectivity. The proportion of the transferred labour in the report calculated lacks the reliability and has no factual data available. The author has no explanation for this. Obviously, this calculation is also just a speculation of the author.

What needs to be pointed out is that in China, the Chinese government is a government that serves the people and is responsible for ordinary people. Unlike the governments of Western countries, they do not consider whether the poor are lifted out of poverty and whether they have jobs. If the Chinese government wants to get rid of poverty all over the country, the key to poverty alleviation in poor frontier areas is to promote employment. This is not a policy specific to the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, but a corresponding incentive policy throughout the country; this is not a special policy for the transfer of employment of Uyghur labour, but a policy for the transfer of employment of all surplus rural labour in China.

The report has been fabricated and lacks authenticity as in Western countries; they will not understand China’s government responsibility for serving the people, because Western governments do not need to be responsible for the people’s employment at such a large scale.

As it is understood that academic research reports should be scientifically rigorous, cite norms, use accurate words and have logical conclusions and arguments. The arguments should be true, not forged or fabricated. The arguments cited in the “ASPI Report” report are all processed and fabricated, and some are just out of context, deliberate distortion, subjective conjecture and even malicious smearing of news reports, government work reports, and basic facts. In short, the arguments used in the report are false. If the argument is false, the conclusion must be false! In short, the “ASPI Report” is a research report full of lies, purely an “anti-China tool” concocted to maliciously discredit the facts. Western countries, especially the US, want to take advantage of the heist against China by making false propaganda. On the occasion of 75th United Nations General Assembly Session President Xi reaffirmed China’s stance that China does not want hot or cold war and want to enhance international solidarity to fight and beat Coronavirus.

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