On right direction but . . .  


PRIME Minister Imran Khan is always very quick about sharing good news about the economy on his twitter account. Also on Wednesday, he stated that the country is heading in the right direction as the country’s current account witnessed a record surplus of $ 792 million in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. The surplus came on the back of an upward trend in remittances and month-on-month basis increase in exports during September.
Indeed it is a matter of great satisfaction that despite global recession due to the breakout of Covid-19, our economic indicators are on a positive trajectory. For this the government also has to take politically tough and unpopular decisions. However, the government must remain cognizant of the fact that hundreds of thousands of our overseas Pakistanis have been rendered jobless by the breakout of the pandemic and they have returned home. It will be a challenge to maintain the current flow of remittances. Hence, maximum facilitation should be extended to the expatriates to maintain the current upward trend in remittances. Rather the well-off expatriates should be encouraged to invest in mega projects in the country. Whilst there is good news on the economic front, it must also be ensured that its benefits reach the common man who is currently hit hard by the price hike of essential commodities. Currently there is great resentment amongst the public as on the one side the inflation is skyrocketing whilst on the other hand the people especially in the public sector organizations are being laid off. The government must review its policy now and take the steps that bring ease in the life of the people; otherwise it will be difficult for the PTI to deal with the onslaught of the opposition parties. Whilst focusing on the industrialization and agriculture sectors, the development projects should immediately be initiated in order to generate economic activity which will provide job opportunities to the youth. Majority of the youth still support the PTI and it must act fast to live up to its expectations.

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