Officials call on int’l community to resume aid to health sector


Officials at the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Wednesday urged the international community to resume support for Afghanistan’s health sector, and called on world countries to keep health sector needs separate from the ongoing political situation in Afghanistan.

Attending a session held by international organization Geneva Call, Abdul Bari Omar, the deputy minister of health provision, said that Afghanistan’s health services rely on international support by 80 percent.

“Why do the health staff, doctors, nurses and patients need to be involved in the politics agenda; they are a non-political part of the society,” said Abdul Bari Omar.

In the meantime, officials of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that security forces will maintain security for health workers. “I call on Mujahidin ( the Islamic Emirate forces) to protect health centers, school and health workers and this is one of the best Jihads,” said Lotfullah Hakimi, Inspector General for MoD.

The director of Geneva Call Afghanistan says Geneva Call is an international humanitarian organization that endeavors to strengthen the respect for humanitarian norms and to protect civilians.

“Geneva Call is a neutral, independent, impartial organization that works in 17 countries in the world and we do one thing, we will promote the humanitarian norms for protection of civilians. We believe promotion and protection of civilians is not only the job of the trainers, everyone has a responsibility,” said Faryana Fedaie.

At the session, health officials called on all health workers and professional figures to return to Afghanistan to serve their fellow Afghans.

Meanwhile, the residents of northern Balkh province complained about the high price of health services in private hospitals of the province.

Najibullah Tawana, who was newly appointed as the head of the public health department in Balkh province, assured residents that he will oversee health services across the province.—Agencies

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