Offer to P-5


PAKISTAN has offered permanent members of the UN Security Council or any other country inspection of alleged terror camps to prove that India’s allegations are “totally baseless”. The offer came during a briefing organised by the Foreign Office on Thursday for the Ambassadors of P-5: the US, Russia, China, France and the UK. Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that the alleged terror facility in Balakot had been reactivated.
Such baseless allegations and propaganda was promptly rejected by Islamabad earlier as well but the Foreign Office has done well by giving a comprehensive briefing to Ambassadors of the five permanent members of the Security Council to expose fallacy of such claims. Similar allegations were made before especially when India carried out aggression against Pakistan (and also got a befitting response from Pakistan Air Force). As Pakistan had nothing to hide, it took local and foreign journalists to the said site in Balakot and representatives of the world media confirmed that there was no terror facility there. The latest offer is also reflective of Pakistan’s sincerity and it substantiates its claim that India was resorting to anti-Pakistan propaganda and terror allegations in an attempt to divert attention from the grave human rights situation in Occupied Kashmir. The Acting Foreign Secretary noted that senior Indian military commanders had been giving provocative statements about the presence of the so-called “terrorists planning to infiltrate India” and activation of “terrorist camps” in Mansehra as well as Rawalakot and Muzaffarabad in AJK. India is using such statements and tactics to malign Pakistan and create justification for any misadventure which, if carried out, could spell havoc to the peace and security of the region as Pakistan would never take such actions lightly. Tension is already high over India’s illegal action of annexation of Occupied Kashmir and unabated brutalities against Kashmiris and any aggression against Pakistan or attack on its territory could ignite a dreadful conflict. In this backdrop the international community should not take the warning of the Foreign Office that Pakistan did not wish confrontation but will give a befitting response in case of any misadventure or false flag activity. The world community must ask New Delhi to corroborate its claims about presence of terror camps and avoid raising tension further.

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