Of time and destiny | By Waqar Hassan


Of time and destiny

MORTALS live a few hundred years on this globe. They find a defined number of years to get through their days on earth. Through the quality use of time, human beings can create the best in their lives. Humans are invaluable creatures. They are born with a particular purpose. There are innumerable species living on the globe, but human beings are distinct among all. It emphasizes the importance of a man’s life span. The sky has billions of stars. However, one can enumerate humans. The presence of humans on this planet is worthwhile. It makes individuals extraordinary beings. As life is precious, one should pack it with bliss and contentment. It results when one invests one’s time appropriately.

Owing to the disregard for the worth of time, humans can’t keep up with time. We never think about the brevity of time unless we confront the shadow of death in anticipation of our adieu. In fact, our lives snatch from us a valuable moment with the ticking of every second. The triumph in this world is contingent on how we spend our moments in life. Getting to the summit of triumph depends on time management. Many people come across the fall in life because they don’t assign purpose to their time in life. Valuing time is an attribute of progressive minds and flourishing societies. Humans develop swiftly in life if they manage their time judiciously. As the world is developing with each passing day, the employment of modern technologies permits people to save time, yet most people use the time they save through technology unprofitably.

We consider communication technologies, such as WhatsApp and other social media platforms, as a tool to conserve time, but these technologies have directed people away from the productive usage of time. People, particularly the younger generation, expand their prized time, scrolling aimlessly on different social networks. They do not realize this until the harsh realities of this complex world suddenly catch them. The irony is that when one understands this bitter fact, one cannot reclaim those lost moments. People get involved in futile disputes. It robs humans of the most vital and valuable element of living a beautiful life: time. Most people fritter away their precious time in the least beneficial way. They take part in unwanted confrontations stemming from greed and animosity.

A wise man never allows these negative traits to get control over him. Ego, hatred and envy are the vitality and strength sappers. These evils drive away the focus of a person, making one incapable of bringing improvement to one’s character and personality. Sadly, nations around the globe remain involved in fighting aimless battles, throwing away a chance to grow and prosper by spending the invaluable moments they have in this beautiful sphere of the universe in undesirable conflicts. All the disagreements the world confronts today are pointless. This planet is the mother of all its dwellers. Humans have set up geographical delimitations, which characterize their identity. They have built this division on the pillars of self-generated perceptions. Humans waste time in fruitless geographical, political and economic conflicts.

Nations can invest the energy they commit to waging and winning wars in a better fashion by providing benefits to the entire human race. Communities, which instruct people to make the most of their time, gain the riches of the world. Not capitalizing on the time causes frustration and resentment. It also eliminates the opportunities for success and accomplishment in life. In modern societies, the young generation has become an easy target of dissatisfaction. The reason is their incapacity to employ time productively. Today, youngsters have overlooked the importance of using time wisely. Every second in our voyage brings with it a possibility to revise our fate, provided one recognizes the gravity of time.

Many people spend years adrift from their hoped-for path of success, and they understand this when they miss out on the invaluable moments life presents to them throughout their existence. In the present world, the significance of taking full advantage of time has become greater as there is intense competition in all realms of life. Owing to the critical nature of challenges today, the number of opportunities is dwindling for communities and countries. The survival of nations and people relies on the masterful utilization of time in the modern era. We all have a finite amount of time to live. Therefore, our existence on this planet calls for immediate action to gain sought-after results in life. The creation of this solar system happened millions of years ago. However, a human hardly lives a handful of years on this planet. It signifies the worth of time for us.

At the end of this life’s journey, the universe will hold us accountable for this treasure of time we have in this world. Life offers us copious opportunities. It is solely through the prudent use of the time that we can gain desired results. Optimizing the opportunities in our life is important, and cherishing every moment in existence is the most essential of all the chances we discover in our existence. Making the most out of our time makes us valuable. A precious being contributes positively to society by investing time in collective well-being. Time management is life management, and the more one becomes wise in using time effectively, the more one comes closer to attaining success in life.

Productive use of hours makes one’s life a success story, bringing good to the community. People who make a positive impact in this world comprehend this truth in the early years of their life. Wise leaders know this reality, and they safeguard their nations from falling into the deep abyss of social, economic and political downfall. However, those who do not accept this face disappointment and their life journey becomes a source of misery. Hence, time management is a secret to making one’s destiny gratifying and fulfilling. It brings contentment into our existence, which is a key to unlocking the doors of success and rewards.