NTUF, ACP arrange screening of documentary ‘discount workers’


Speakers at a film screening about the Baldia garment factory fire expressed regret that there is no respite in Pakistan from the exploitation of “discount workers”.

The National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) and the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, arranged the screening of a documentary, titled ‘Discount Workers’, made by German film-makers Christopher Patz and Ammar Aziz.

The documentary covered different aspects of the struggle of the people affected by the Baldia garment factory fire, from the local courts to the German court and other international forums. NTUF General Secretary Nasir Mansoor said that a decade has already passed since the tragedy of the Baldia garment factory fire, but the overall conditions at Pakistan’s factories and workplaces are almost the same.

He said that due to the struggle of workers, a law about safety and health at workplaces has already been passed.


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