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NTDC completes various improvement schemes

NTDC completes various improvement schemes

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In response to a news report published in a section of Press, the NTDC spokesman has said that the major reasons of delay of few NTDC projects were right of way issues, certain stay orders by locals as well as procurement issues to comply with PPRA regulations which ultimately leads to delay of projects. However, NTDC has actively worked on projects to overcome the delays and managed completion of delayed projects in initial months of 2019. It is pertinent to note that NTDC transmitted a record 23,500 MW of electricity through its system first time in the history of Pakistan. This record transmission of power is the result of completion of grid stations, transmission lines and augmentation work carried out by NTDC during last two years.
Highlighting the details of NTDC projects, the Spokesman updated and said that the NTDC has carried out various improvement schemes during FY2018-19 to overcome constraints in its transmission networks. These schemes included rehabilitations/augmentation at 500kV Port Qasim transmission line to 500 kV NKI grid station and Jamshoro circuits for evacuation of maximum power from Port Qasim Power Plant, energization of 220kV Chakdara grid station in September 2018. Augmentation of Transformer at 220 kV T.T Singh Grid Station (1×250 MVA) was completed in Jan 2019 and 220kV D.I Khan Grid Station was energized in February 2019.
The Spokesman further added that the Augmentation of Transformers at 220 kV Ludewala Grid Station (3×250 MVA) and Augmentation of Transformers at 220 kV Vehari Grid Station (3×250 MVA) was carried out during the month of March 2019. 220kV Nowshehra grid station, Extension Works / Addition of 750 MVA at 500 kV Rawat Grid Station and Augmentation of Transformer at 220 kV Samundri Road Grid Station (1×250 MVA) were completed during Apr 2019.Augmentation work of Transformers at 500 kV Gatti Grid Station (3×200 MVA) was also completed in May 2019.All these projects have helped power system enhancement for smooth supply to end consumers.


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