NSC takes big decisions


PAKISTAN Wednesday sent a very loud and lucid message to India as well as the entire world community that it can go to any extent for the sake of the protection of rights of their Kashmiri brethren, no matter what is its cost.
National Security Committee, the huddle of civil and military leadership, took very significant and big decisions in the light of India’s recent actions in occupied Jammu & Kashmir. Foremost amongst them are downgrading diplomatic relations with New Delhi, suspension of all bilateral trade and review of bilateral arrangements. The huddle through these decisions really has represented the aspirations of Pakistani and Kashmiri people. The very decisions truly are the first practical and solid steps in support of the Kashmiri people, demonstrating also the seriousness of the situation – the consequences of which will be serious if the international community still opted to remain silent on the Kashmir dispute. As regards the decision of cutting bilateral trade is concerned, the Afghan goods should also not be allowed their entry into Indian markets via Pakistan after closing of all border points. Then it is also important that our people also boycott the Indian products which are flooding our markets. As a gesture of solidarity with Kashmiri people, the markets should set on blaze all these products. Another important decision taken by the NSC was taking the revocation of special status of Kashmir by India to the United Nations Security Council. It is good to see that we have already started consultations with the friendly countries to expose the racist and extremist face of India. Our Foreign Minister is visiting Beijing, a close friend and a permanent member of the UNSC which has already expressed its reservations on the illegal and unilateral decisions of India, to hold talks on the matter. Given the evolving situation in occupied J&K and rising tension between Pakistan and India, it has become important that an emergency session of the UN Security Council is convened which should condemn the Indian acts and call for their reversal immediately besides the Council should fulfil its commitments towards the Kashmiri people and move urgently towards implementation of its Resolutions on the lingering dispute.

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