NPO conducts awareness session on launching Productivity movement at MCCI


National Productivity Organization (NPO) organized an awareness session on ways and means to increase productivity in industry at Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) here on Tuesday.

NPO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhry, along with Deputy General Manager, Aftab Khan and other officers briefed the executive body members in length about the organization’s structure, its working and the services being offered by it.

He informed that it would launch participants on the details of the Productivity Movement adding that it would be launched after one and a half year awareness campaign across the country to improve competitiveness through Sustainable National Productivity (SNP).

Afterwards design and implementation of the programme will be executed, he said and added that Korea, Singapore and Malaysia enchanted its Poroductivity through this system.

Singapore is a role model in this connection with no natural resources, Mr Chaudhary informed adding that Malaysian PM chaired NPO meetings which shows his commitment to increase productivity of his country.

About APO, he stated, that it was lunched in 1968 with 8 member countries and now 21 countries including Pakistan are its members.

It is inter governmental organization which has five main training programmes focusing agriculture, livestock and services, NPO Chief maintained.—APP

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