Now purchase Tesla vehicles with Bitcoin


US-based electric vehicles manufacturer Tesla has announced to accept Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency invented in 2008, as payment to buy its cars.

Tesla Inc chief Elon Musk on Wednesday took to Twitter and wrote, “You can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin.”

“Bitcoin paid to Tesla will be retained as Bitcoin, not converted to fiat currency,” he said, adding: “Tesla is using only internal & open source software & operates Bitcoin nodes directly”.

Musk further said that the service is currently available in the US and it will be extended to other countries later this year.

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In February, Musk’s firm disclosed its investment worth $1.5 billion while filing in a Securities and Exchange Commission.

The electric carmaker unveiled the investment ten days after its chief executive Elon Musk drove up the cryptocurrency’s price by adding a “#bitcoin” tag on his Twitter profile page.

Musk removed the tag from his Twitter bio a few days later but has continued talking up bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in particular, dogecoin, to his 46 million Twitter followers.

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