Nov. 19 marks 77 years of Afghanistan’s UN membership


The head of the Islamic Emirate’s political office in Doha, Suhail Shaheen, said that absence of an Islamic Emirate representative in the UN is an injustice.

Shaheen said: “The representative of the Islamic Emirate is needed to be present in all meetings of the UN to explain the facts.”

“Having a permanent representative is the legal right of a member of the UN and it is also important to defend a country and can accept or disagree with important decisions of the UNSC,” said Aziz Maarij, a former diplomat.

Meanwhile, the Chargé d’Affaires of Afghanistan’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Naseer Ahmad Faiq, said that addressing the economic crisis in Afghanistan would be the priority of their mission.

“One of the main priorities of the UN is to address the economic crisis in Afghanistan. And therefore, to establish a humanitarian fund in 2022 to provide assistance to 22- 23 million people which needs $4.4 billion,” he said.

“The United Nations wants to resolve the issues through negotiations in Afghanistan and the world. What is important in Afghanistan is that the current ruling government should solve the country’s problems. Everyone wants Afghanistan to move forward on a peaceful path,” said Torek Farhadi, a political analyst.

Since becoming member of the UN, Afghanistan has so far had 14 ambassadors to the international organization..—Tolonews

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