No wheat shortage for mills: Aleem


Senior Minister for Food Abdul Aleem Khan has said that the sufficient wheat will be supplied to flour mills across Punjab.
The Food Department has required reserves of wheat and there is no storage at all. He added that due to the recent rains there was a short delay but departmental activities were underway and steps are being taken accordingly. Abdul Aleem Khan made it clear that a list of permits has been sent to the concerned deputy commissioners by the Food Department.
He said that the supply of wheat to the working and active flour mills would be ensured by concerned authorities. Abdul Aleem Khan said that Punjab will meet Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s wheat needs, but will not allow wheat to go out of the province without a permit.
He said that according to the instructions of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, strict punishment will be given to the stockers and the sufficient supply of flour will be ensured exclusively during Ramazan. He said that inter-district transportation of wheat across Punjab is allowed and there is no restriction on it however transportation of wheat is not allowed outside the province without permit.
Meanwhile, Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan while talking to the visiting citizens said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying to get the country out of the most difficult situation and his vision is to facilitate the citizens. He said that the federal and Punjab governments’ policy to protect from coronavirus is the best because lockdown’s success is possible only with the help of people.
He said that opening of the construction sector would benefit the working class and unemployment rate would come down. He said that corona has become a global problem and we all have to face it collectively.
He appealed to the citizens to cooperate with the sanctions and said that the government is trying to reduce the problems of the people according to its resources.
Abdul Aleem Khan asked the people that they should also pray to Allah Almighty to get rid of present climate. He thanked those who congratulated him for this portfolio and said that he will try to meet the expectations of his leader Imran Khan and that the responsibilities given to him would be used for public welfare at all costs.