No shortage of food items at utility stores


The spokesperson of Utility Stores Corporation while clarifying the news about non-availability of items in the media said that there is no shortage of any type of food items at all utility stores across the country and all items are available in abundance.

The Utility Stores Corporation is currently providing a special subsidy on basic commodities from the Federal government. Which includes flour, sugar, ghee, pulses and rice. Utility Stores Corporation supplies subsidized and other commodities to all utility stores across the country on a daily basis.

However, there are difficulties in the delivery of some food items due to the road breaking due to flood. Immediate steps are being taken to solve this and ensuring the supply of subsidized and other items in abundance in every corner of the country. Apart from this, Utility Stores Corporation is also providing ration package in flood affected areas with the support of Federal Government and Sindh Government. The management of the Corporation is always striving to provide the best services to the public.

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