No reason cited 22 flights cancelled at Lahore Airport

Staff Reporter

As many as 22 flights were cancelled and three others delayed for unknown reasons at Allama Iqbal International Airport here.

The officials concerned did not cite any reason for the disruption in the flight operation.

The cancelled flights included PK-203 to Dubai, PK-204 from Dubai, Emirates flight EK-623 to Dubai, XY-317 from Riyadh to Lahore, 318 to Riyadh from Lahore, flight to Abu Dhabi EY-243 and from Abu Dhabi EY-244, flight from Doha QR-628 and to Doha, Qatar QR-629.
A flight from Lahore Airport to Karachi PK-307 has also been cancelled.

On the other hand, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a notification regarding inbound passengers following the uptick in coronavirus cases in the country and included 15 more countries in category-C in the travel ban list.

CAA notification stated that passengers coming from countries in the C travel category will have to take prior approval from the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC).

The CAA has renewed its category-C for international travel and added Bangladesh, Iran and Iraq.

It may be mentioned here that India, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, Nepal are already included in the list.

The number of countries included in category C currently stands at 38.
Earlier, the PCAA had allowed airlines to run 30 percent more outbound international flights from the country following the rapid increase in Covid-19 cases.