No one inside, outside Pakistan trusts this govt, says Imran

Imran Khan

Former prime minister and PTI chief Imran Khan on Thursday said that the incumbent government has lost its credibility inside and outside Pakistan and they have no plan to deal with a crippling economy.

Addressing his supporters, Imran Khan said that the government assured that economy would stabilize once IMF releases its loan tranche, however, despite receiving money after implementing strict conditions, the economy has not yet stabilize.

“There will be no economic stability unless there is a political stability. Whatever excuse they give for delaying elections, the entire nation is the ultimate sufferer here,” he said.

He lamented that Pakistan has never witnessed this level of inflation as rupee continues to lose its value despite an IMF bailout. “I can easily claim that PTI is the most popular and nationwide party and the entire opposition is only bent on getting a clean chit in their cases rather than caring for the countrymen. They do not have any solution to deal with economic crisis,” he said. He reminded the opposition that before coming to power, they portrayed Shehbaz Sharif as the one who could sort out all issues, however, after ascending to power he failed to deliver.—INP


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