No need to change incumbent PCB Chairman: Tauqir


Tauqir Zia, former PCB Chairman, has said that there is no need to change incumbent PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja.

The former PCB chairman has lashed out at the political parties for interfering into cricket. He also talked about number of suggestions for the PCB to act upon.

Zia said, “Our system has been like that and until or unless we change the system,” adding that nothing was going to happen.

He said a clear plan was needed for a change no matter if there was general elections or not. The former PCB Chairman said, “I personally think politics should be completely eradicated from our sports, especially cricket.

Change means implementing your own ideas and anyone who comes in after Ramiz Raja, will only take things backwards because that is what change does,”.

Tauqir claimed that politicians should focus on running the county instead. The majority are re-questing department cricket to be restored ever since Imran Khan’s exit. Tauqir also shared his opinion on the matter.

He said, “Departmental cricket provides two main benefits; provides employment to cricketers and since more cricket is being played, you get to see more talent on display,”—APP