No let-up in skyrocketing prices of vegetables


The prices of vegetables have gone skyrocketing in the country after a disruption in their supply on account of devastating floods originating from torrential rains, it has been reported on Wednesday. It has been learnt that the shopkeepers are selling the vegetables at exorbitant prices—much higher than the official rates—as the demand for vegetables has become greater than its supply.

Moreover, the heavy rains and gushing floods have also destroyed the standing crops spread over hundreds of thousands of acres. In various parts of the country, the prices of different vegetables have risen five times high, for one kilogram of onions is being sold at Rs400 to Rs480, tomatoes at Rs250 to Rs300, garlic and ginger at Rs400, capsicum at Rs350, fenugreek (Meithi) and cabbage at Rs350, ladyfinger at Rs130, turnip at Rs120, peas at Rs270, ridged gourd (Tori) at Rs270, lemon (Chinese) at Rs200, Lemon (desi) at Rs200, spinach at Rs85, first category potatoes at Rs100 and second category potatoes at Rs90.

People in different parts of the country have also held protest demonstrations against the unjust hike in vegetable prices amid floods in the country. “It has become really difficult to afford two-time meals due to massive inflation,” they said. “The government should take immediate measures to combat this giant of inflation,” they demanded.—INP

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