No foreign team or investment coming to country: Musarrat


Spokesperson of the Chief Minister and Punjab Government, Musrat Jamshed Cheema, in a statement on the social media website Twitter, has said that PMLN has kept people like Javed Latif to pressurize the institutions to get their desired decisions. The dualistic policy of the PML-N is now clear. In response, he wrote that the one brigade of PMLN targets institutions and the other Cherry-Blossom brigade polishes the boots.

She said that only thieves are not returning to Pakistan, No foreign delegation nor investment is coming to the country.

Pakistani Embassies do not have money for salaries whereas so far, 2 billion have been spent on foreign trips of Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto. She further said that every decision of Imran Khan is supported by the Chief Minister of Punjab. Parvez Elahi sees his political future with Imran Khan.

She said that after selling the assets in the country, now they are selling the foreign assets at less than half price. These assets will be bought by a front man of these corrupt politicians. Shahbaz Sharif has approved the sale of the building decorated with a loan of 7 million dollars for 6.8 million dollars.

The accused Ishaq Dar got back the seized house and frozen billions of rupees, but the country’s economy has sunk.

Imran Khan increased the foreign exchange of 7 billion dollars received in 2018 to 22 billion dollars in 2022.