No food for Karachi Zoo animals for second day amid funds tussle


LAHORE – Another gruesome situation from Karachi zoo made headlines as animals in the zoological park continued to starve for the second consecutive day amid an ongoing tussle over funds between Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) and the food contractor.

Reports in the media suggest that the company responsible for food have halted supply for the last couple of days in wake of unpaid bills.

The company reportedly stopped the food supply on March 21 with an intimidation letter, apprising Karachi Municipal Corporation, and other concerned officials about the due bills.

In the letter, the contractor maintained that the unpaid due swelled to a staggering Rs8 million which has not been cleared despite multiple reminders. Amid the economic meltdown, the contractor refused to provide the food without dues clearance. Meanwhile, the animals are at risk if food is not restored at the earliest.

It was learnt that animals and birds started facing malnutrition in wake of improper food. Several animals even succumbed due to the negligence of the zoo administration.

Amid the worrisome situation, Karachi Zoo has approached the finance department to clear the bills.

Karachi zoo’s elephant Noor Jehan waiting for treatment after being partially paralyzed

Pakistan’s infamous zoos, known for housing animals in lifeless concrete enclosures, come under bad light for another time as a female elephant turned partially paralyzed due to worsening hind limb condition.

The female zoo named Noor Jehan is reportedly suffering from a joint and bone disease for the last couple of months while the condition of the largest existing land animal worsened, leaving her hind limbs partially paralyzed.

The ailing Noor Jehan was not moving one of her hind legs, which prompted zoo keepers to keep in contact with foreign veterinarians. Reports in media revealed that the elephant underwent major surgery some time back and is recovering from the medical procedure.

Four Paws, the international animal welfare organization has agreed to arrive at the zoo this month to treat Noor Jehan. Local vets called joint pains a common problem among elephants living in zoos and planned to enhance treatment and management efforts with the help of Four Paws.

It was reported that the ailing animal shared her enclosure with another female elephant famous as Madubala. The recent incident comes days after the golden tabby tiger was found dead in its cage. The Bengal Tiger died of cardiac arrest while investigations are underway to find the cause.