No end to Indian lies



RESORTING to propaganda campaign and hurling baseless allegations against Pakistan and that too shamelessly is the hallmark of present extremist regime in India.

Now seeing its investment sinking in Afghanistan, its top leadership out of desperation is again out to malign Pakistan.

Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, the other day, accused Pakistan of terrorism. Our Foreign Office was quick to reject the allegations and in its statement showed the mirror to the Indian side.

The fact of the matter is that Pakistan is the victim of terrorism over the last two decades perpetrated by Indian intelligence agency with the nexus of other hostile agencies.

As also stated by our Foreign Office, Pakistan has shared incontrovertible evidence in this regard with the international community.

It is India which uses terrorism as an instrument of state policy and most recently it was found involved in terror acts in Johar Town Lahore and against Pakistani and Chinese workers at Dasu.

Whilst India is in the habit of hurling accusations without presenting any proof, Pakistan has always furnished irrefutable evidence of Indian terrorism. The very confessional statement of Kulbushan Jadhav is also on record.

There are also reports of the US and the United Nations which indicate that India has used the Afghan soil for terrorism inside Pakistan.

How the extremist country has over the years been involved in propaganda campaign against Pakistan was unmasked by the EU Disinfo Lab last year.

What is currently happening in the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and how people there are being subjected to worst form of oppression and terrorism is known to everybody.

Today the true face of India stands exposed and it can no longer hoodwink the world community.

However, the question is as to when the major capitals rise above their political and economic expediency and hold Indian leaders accountable for its crimes against humanity.

India has turned into a terror monster and poses a major threat to regional peace and security. Time has come to rein it in before it is too late.

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