No country can progress without satisfied labour class: Sarwar


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committing terrorism against Muslims in India while erroneously holding them responsible for spread of coronavirus.
Governor Chaudhry Sarwar was speaking to different delegations including delegation led by Ali Moeen, Syed Rehan Gillani, Suleman Gillani and Oniza Ahsaan that called on him at Governor’s House as well as recording his message in connection with the International Labour Day on Thursday.
The governor urged the United Nations, Amnesty International and other human rights bodies to take serious note and take strict action and check most dreadful crime of Indian Muslims’ genocide.
“Holding Indian Muslims responsible for the spread of coronavirus is such an ignominious act on the part of Indian premier Modi that should be condemned at all levels around the world,” the governor said.
Asserting that Modi’s true face of barbarism has been exposed in the world at large, Mr Sarwar said it was high time that the world bodies including the United Nations take strict notice and ensure stopping atrocities and barbarism being committed against Muslims in India. “Indian premier Narendra Modi has become the biggest threat to the peace in the region,” he said. In connection with the International Labour Day, the governor lauded the labourers for their untiring work aimed at the progress and prosperity of the country.
The governor acknowledged that hundreds and thousands of labourers had lost their jobs in the wake of coronavirus pandemic that had left the whole world crisis-ridden. He said the government was making all out efforts and added that he himself was out to serve the poor labour class that needed ration to survive during these hard times.
‘The PTI government is ensuring that the labourers be given their due rights and respect besides provision of ration at their doorsteps,” he said. Stating that no country can progress without the support of satisfied labour class, the governor asserted that the government was committed to help labourers prosper and strong by ensuring the provision of their due rights.

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