‘No armed opposition groups in Laghman’: Governor


Zain al-Abuddin Abed, the governor of Laghman province, said there are no armed opposition groups in the province.

The governor added that in the first months of the Islamic Emirate, people in some districts of the province were worried about the presence of people affiliated with ISIS and the Resistance Front, but with the implementation of the amnesty decree of the Islamic Emirate, such people joined the Islamic Emirate.

“From that day until now, seven months have passed, thank God we have had no bad events,” said Zain al-Abedin Abed, the governor of Laghman.

The governor of Laghman said some development projects have also started in the province.

“There has been no delay in any area of our work: the farmers, the shopkeepers, the businessmen, the educational sector, or the health sector,” he said.

Meanwhile, Laghman residents have demands of the local officials in the province.

“As a young man of Laghman, I ask the Islamic Emirate to pay attention to the people of Laghman and step up their development projects,” said Ibrahim, a resident of Laghman.

“We no longer want our children and ourselves to grow up in the war and live in the war, so we don’t want to hear the name of war anymore,” said Naqibullah Saeedi, a resident of Laghman.

Local officials in Laghman are also urging residents of the province to cooperate with the forces of the Islamic Emirate in securing their villages.

Meanwhile, statements of the governor of the eastern province of Laghman, Qari Zainul Abideen, ordered relevant departments to help journalists gain access to information, and his comments have been strongly welcomed by the provincial media community.

The Laghman governor’s office issued two separate statements encouraging the provincial departments to cooperate with the journalists. One of the statements was sent to Laghman’s department of security.

The statements stipulated that all military and civic departments be cooperative with the journalists while they are covering the events.

“The security department of Laghman is instructed to provide all information that is not sensitive or secret due to security issues. The checkpoints and outposts are ordered to assist the journalists while they are doing their job,” the statement reads.

The officials said the decision was made to aid the journalists as they cover events.

“The governor and the department of information and culture sent the statements to the departments to provide facilities to the journalists to enable access to information,” said Salahuddin Zahid, a spokesman for Laghman’s governor.

Lack of access to information is considered one of the primary obstacles faced by Afghan journalists.

The journalists welcomed the decision made by the provincial governor. —Tolonews

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