No alternative of mother love, affection in world: Mahmood


Nation observes World Mothers’ Day with exceptional love

Staff Reporter

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan on Sunday said there was no alternative to the greatest relation like mother and mother love in this world.

In a message on International Day of Mother, Mahmood Khan said he is only due to his mother and love to mother is such a relation and link which needs no day specified as our everyday start with mother and for us every day is mother day.

He said the valuable love, affection and sacrifice being rendered by every mother for her children has no match.

Mother’s selfless love is another name for love, Mahmood Khan said, adding, ‘Nothing in the world can be a substitute for mother’s love.’ He said the prayers of the mother for her children are like shady trees.

‘Greetings to the mothers who have endured their own hardships and given comfort to their children,’ the Chief Minister added. He said not a single day is reserved for loving mothers rather our every day is mother day.

The people whose mothers are alive are the luckiest in this world and they should serve them fully and take their prayers as much as possible, Mahmood Khan said.

He said Islam greatly stresses upon good behavior to mother and performance of her rights. He said no human being, religion, nation and sect can deny respect to the mother.

Mahmood Khan added the mother is a great blessing and bounty of Allah Almighty who has no substitute.

Mahmood Khan said the mother is a great source of guidance, key to success and good wishes for her offspring. The CM said maximum tributes should be presented to the mother.

He added that touching the heights of respect lies in love and affection to the mother. Mahmood Khan said the mother deserves respect, devotion, sincerity and love.

The World Mothers Day was observed across Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) on Sunday with renewal of the pledge to love mothers as much as possible and to keep their souls satisfied in view of the most dignified and supreme status of this relation as also enshrined by the teachings of Islam.

A brief and simple ceremony of ‘Chader Poshi’ (Cladding) of women as a mark of great respect and honour for the supreme relation of mother (under prevailing SOPs combating Covid pandemic) was held here.

Sons and daughters conveyed good wishes to their mothers coupled with the prayers for long lives of their mothers to keep the children intact with the blessing of this supreme relation.

Whereas those unfortunate, who have lost this relation, prayed for the rest of the souls of their mothers in eternal peace.

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