No affiliation with any party: Pir Anwar-ul-Haq




Sahibzada Pir Syed Anwar-ul-Haq Shah, Caretaker Aastana-e-Aaliya Amirabad Sharif, Sohawa (Jatli, Gujjar Khan) has said that he has no affiliation with any political or religious party.

He said that he should not be associated with any organization. He added that, from sometime, he has been associated with a banned organization which is completely wrong and baseless.

He said, ‘I am Caretaker of the above mentioned Aastana and visitors from various schools of thought use to come to Astana-e-Aaliya.’

He warned such an organization to refrain from wrongly associating his name with it; otherwise, he reserves the right to take legal action against such an organization or political party.

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