Nisha Rao becomes first Pakistani transgender student to get admission in Mphil


KARACHI – Driven by a passion to achieve higher education, a Karachi-based transgender student has gotten admission in an Mphil equivalent programme, becoming the first from the marginalised community in Pakistan to reach the level.

Nisha Rao, a lawyer and activist, has secured admission in LLM, a degree related to law studies, at the University of Karachi.

The activist earlier achieved a milestone by becoming the first transgender person in Pakistan to get obtained a law degree from the Sindh Muslim Government Law College in 2020.

The transgender student is pleased as punch after learning about the admission. Rao told a private news channel that she had taken the entry test four months ago and she had been informed about the admission four days ago.

It will be the first time that a transgender person is going to attempt to get the degree, she said.

Nisha Rao lamented that persons from the transgender community had to face problems while pursuing education due to a lack of resources.

She added that the education institutions used to be reluctant to offer admission to transgender people, adding that there should be a quota for the community.

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