NIMA organises roundtable conference



A Roundtable Conference on “Naval Developments in the Indian Ocean and its Effects in the Region & Beyond” was organized by the Indian Ocean Study Centre of National Institute of Maritime Affairs Islamabad in collaboration with the Institute of Regional Studies.

Vice Admiral (Retd) Ahmed Saeed HI(M), DG NIMA welcomed all the worthy speakers & participants and highlighted the significance of the roundtable conference regarding the naval developments in the Indian Ocean Region.

Dr. Adam Saud, Dean, Faculties of Humanities & Social Sciences, Bahria University, delivered an overview of the topic including a theoretical perspective. He said that the Indian Ocean is turning into a battleground of US and China competition, and India is being projected as a trusted friend of the West Kamran Hashmi, Research Associate NIMA said that Indian Ocean Region is the future of world politics.

At present, the Indian Ocean may be calm on the surface but, it is extremely turbulent, and the possibility of multiple conflicts between various stakeholders cannot be ruled out. The presence of foreign naval bases indicates the importance of the Indian Ocean. Ambassador (Retd) Masood Khalid covered the diplomatic aspect.

According to him, China’s goal is to enhance its military power to secure its Sea Lines of Communication. China is heavily dependent upon the Indian Ocean for its trade. President IRS Ambassador Nadeem Riaz while concluding the session briefed about the strategic significance of the Indian Ocean and emphasized peace & stability in the Indian Ocean are the keys to world prosperity.

He was of the opinion that we should do multifaceted engagements with all while safeguarding our national interests through maintaining a fine balance. The seminar was well attended by academia, professionals, students of universities, researchers of think tanks, and policymakers.