NIH releases detail of patient infected with Indian strain of Covid-19

Staff Reporter

The National Institute of Health (NIH) said on Sunday that a passenger with Indian variant of coronavirus was reached Pakistan on May 08.

The NIH in a statement has issued the details of a case of Indian coronavirus strain diagnosed in Pakistan.

The passenger underwent a rapid coronavirus test at a Pakistan’s airport and the Indian variant of the virus confirmed in him in the diagnosis, NIH stated.

The infected passenger was shifted to a quarantine centre of the government, sources said. “The family members of the passenger were also tested to detect the virus but their tests were found negative,” according to the NIH.

“Covid-19 testing of the infected person at the quarantine centre confirmed the Indian variant and minor symptoms were also found in the passenger,” the NIH said in its statement.

“The passenger was discharged from the quarantine facility and allowed to go home after his recovery from the disease,” the National Institute of Health said.

The NIH on Friday confirmed the first case of the more contagious Covid-19 variant first discovered in India.

The NIH spokesman said that Indian strain was found in samples the NIH received for testing. The NIH also confirmed seven cases of South African Covid-19 variant detected in Pakistan in the ongoing month.