NICVD treats over 2.2m patients free of charge



The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) included 10 hospitals and 24 Chest Pain Units, has become the only healthcare facility in the world to have treated over 2.2 million patients and performed 3,641 cardiac surgeries and 19,888 primary PCIs free of charge in 2022.NICVD Spokesperson said this. According to him, teams of NICVD surgeons performed the aforesaid cardiac surgeries and procedures on children and adults in various cities of Sindh during 2022.

“NICVD has emerged as the only cardiac healthcare facility in the country which performed around 3,641 cardiac surgeries and over 74,758 procedures all free of charge at main NICVD centre in Karachi and nine satellite centres spread all over Sindh,” the NICVD’s spokesperson said.

He added that the NICVD Karachi also emerged as one of the largest centres in the world in terms of performing primary PCI or angioplasty during heart attack as well as elective angioplasties in a single year. Cardiologists at the NICVD Karachi performed 9,466 primary PCIs in the year of 2022.