Niazi no more ‘Sadiq and Amin’: Murtaza


Spokesperson for Sindh government and Adviser on Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab Tuesday said that the PTI people are explaining the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in their own way.

There are two important aspects to today’s judgment that PTI has taken prohibited funding which is illegal. He expressed these views while holding a press conference in the auditorium of Sindh Assembly Building here.

The Election Commission also gave this decision that the accounts submitted by Imran Khan as the head were wrong and all those details had been submitted under his signature.

He also said that in the judgment it was written that Chairman PTI submitted wrong information from 2009 to 2013. In the year 2018, the decision of the court in the application of Hanif Abbasi came out and on this decision it was said that Imran Khan was called Sadiq and Amin and the basic decision was pronounced by a three-member bench in which the application of Hanif Abbasi was rejected.

At that time, the court said that it is the job of the Election Commission to look into his funding issues. The Election Commission had given its decision along with the documents. According to this court decision, Imran Khan is no longer Sadiq Amin. Now the institutions should take action against him.

He said that in para 50 of the order, the ECP has clearly stated that PTI has received prohibited funds from foreign companies and individuals including persons of Indian origin. It also states that the documents submitted by Imran Khan were completely false.

Section 212 of the Election Act is now important. Rules should not be made based on personalities.

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