NHMP imposed Rs20m fine on motorists using HID lights

Staff Reporter

The National Highway and Motorways Police has imposed twenty million rupees fine on 37,583 motorists using High-Intensity Discharge lights on Motorways and Highway.

Citizens had lodged multiple complaints on Pakistan Citizen Portal regarding traffic congestion and parking violations at Motorway Chowk, Chungi No.26 and Rawat area, lane violations, traffic obstruction by heavy vehicles (especially dumper) and illegal use of HID/LED lights on Motorways and Highways.

A special campaign not only launched against the illegal use of HID/LED lights but also legal action was taken against the motorists.

The general public has been briefed about the illegal use of HID lights and traffic violations. Various campaigns were launched against the use of LED/HID lights in vehicles on Motorways and National Highways across the country.

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