NHA has completed 1654 km long roads in three years

Staff Reporter

Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed has said that National Highway Authority has completed 1654 km roads portions during the last three years.

Further, work on 6117 km long road sections is in progress or in the procurement stage. Revenue of NHA has been enhanced by 115% which comes to Rs. 86 billion.

He was addressing a meeting held at Ministry of Communications where in motorways and national highways projects were reviewed in detail.

Senior officers from Ministry of Communications and National Highway Authority were also present.

Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Mr. Murad Saeed said, with the construction of new roads, NHA’s has also started maintenance works of its network throughout the country and that during the current year 4000 km long road segments will be repaired and restored.

He said, for the first time, a comprehensive plan is chalked and being implemented for construction of new roads and maintenance of old roads.

He informed that more than 200 maintenance projects are prepared for improvement of roads.

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