Nexus of evils | by Malik M Aslam Awan


Nexus of evils

PROPER fair and impartial dispensation of justice, in its true and genuine spirit guarantees peace, amelioration and contentment in civil society.

But the improper execution of law distorts the figure of society and entails gruesome repercussions, which grossly transform society into a hoard of savages, who act like animals and scatter themselves here and there to destroy the texture of civil society.

Civil servants are recruited through competitive exams and merited persons are selected to hold key posts for dispensation of justice and other executive duties.

In the near past, FPSC and PPSC recruited those people, who later on developed themselves into illustrious public servants delivering the masses and serving them to their fullest possible capacity.

Indian Civil Service picked up merited persons who after partition served Pakistan in a well-groomed way and their services are still afresh in the memories of masses in general and the students of politics in particular.

It is pathetic to note that the standards of studies are fast declining in our society and the students of higher educational institutions have left to imbibe knowledge as source of inspiration to serve themselves and the nation.

Most brains don’t accept the norms of vast study to enhance their knowledge.

They are not ready to waste their time in inculcating knowledge as their extra-curricular activities sape most of their energies and reluctance towards study diminish their wisdom to grow up to combat modern age.

Parents play a pivotal role in grooming their children. Majority of Parents propose their off-springs only to cater to their financial requirements to keep pace with modern trends.

Majority of parents are heartfully desirous to see their off-springs to be financially successful, though lacking in education, social value, ethical norms, even being least harnessed, being called a man.

Since the start of the education from alphabet of their children parents are worried how their kids will be successful in combating their financial requirements.

Spiritually a successful personality is first a well-groomed being and then an earning machine.

Gross thinking of parents as well as their children have entirely brought an upheaval in societal norms.

Selective method in studies is the second main source of debacle in civil society. Students cram only that parts of curriculum which is the potential possible occurrence in question papers of examination.

Parents and students have fullest assertion to cram not learn by heart and go through from first word to the last one of the book, even a single word from preface to last word might not be ignored, as source of knowledge, because the writer select words not to be ignored but to be inculcated in hearts.

Civil Service has a great charm in the life of parents as well as students. Students are prepared to join civil service to occupy key posts, to fulfil their condemned designs.

In Pakistan, Civil Service does not connote the service of civil society but to serve their own pedigree to have distinction in society and lead privileged life.

Police Service assimilates young men from Federal Public Service Commission recommendations. Declining standards of selection have caused a serious blow to Civil Service structure.

Young men having ambiguous knowledge manage to enter Civil Service and later on after a short span of time with the manoeuvring and help of their ancestral power occupy key posts, which should be assigned only to men of strong character and distinctive honesty, having not even shadow of doubts.

Assuming key posts in District Management and Police Service, the weak character cause havoc to civic norms.

Justice is dilapidated even tramped at the altar of their whims. People often clamour and protest that justice is beyond their reach and privileged people usurp their rights and deprive them even the availability of justice.

Once injustice is done, then it takes centuries to be straightened, without even an inkling of justice.

Politicians and bureaucratic set-up have manoeuvred to be ganged-up with each other to usurp the rights of civil society.

The gang-up block is so interwoven into a nexus that now it is a hard nut to crack. The laws of the land are now just like a foot-ball in between two teams of bureaucrats and politicians, who play foul with the fate of the nation since long.

Both teams safeguard each others’ privileges and with mutual consent and agreement transgress the rights of the general masses.

How long this nexus will play havoc with the justice system, laws of the land and the fate of the ever losing masses, who form an aggrieved community since the creation of Pakistan will have the oppressed fate.

Most of the widely publicised promises of Imran Khan have lost in the dust of the past and people have left to see the dreams of Police reforms and justice based society.

Would our coming generations be able to see the realisation of our dreams of peaceful, prosperous, justice based civic structure, in which the nexus of evils will be strongly thwarted by our institutions and the institutions will be strong enough to safeguard law and constitution of Pakistan.
—The writer is a journalist, author of English Book on current affairs.

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