New missions will not be closed on austerity grounds

Ijaz Kakakhel

Members of a legislative body of Upper House of Parliament on Tuesday reiterated that the new missions opened to rescue the country from dire political crisis will not be closed on austerity grounds.

The committee on inquiring upon results of talks with the IMF, the secretary foreign ministry said that although this is the mandate of the finance ministry to comment on this, he said IMF negotiations are technical negotiations and the demands which are placed determines the fate of the negotiations he further remarked.

The committee which met under the chairmanship of Senator Farooq H. Naek in Parliament House today deliberated on various agenda on steps being taken to improve the foreign policy and diplomatic relations. The committee discussed economic and trade ties with Russia and Western bloc.

The committee also discussed the diplomatic, bilateral and trilateral initiatives to maximize Pakistan-Africa cooperation.

The committee was briefed that USA , EU and the UK are established export markets for Pakistan with a consistent trade surplus.