New film policy


MINISTRY of Information and Broadcasting appears to have come into active mode with reassuming of charge by Ch Fawad Hussain who has some mega plans not only for reforming state-owned media outlets but also film industry of the country which has never been given any importance by any government in the past.

Mr Fawad while reiterating PTI government’s commitment to revive film industry announced that a new film policy would be announced next month while all major taxes on films would also be abolished.

This indeed is great news for filmmakers and one expects that these measures would be implemented without waste of further time.

No doubt betterment and growth of this industry would help us to promote our rich cultural heritage and picturesque sites.

Abolition of taxes would definitely woo more people to make investments in film production, which in turn will also open new vistas of opportunities for young talent.

Incentives provided by the government would also help equip the industry with latest technology and relevant gadgets to produce high quality films. At the same time one cannot ignore or underestimate the importance of a strong content to make any movie a super hit.

We will suggest that government must engage deeply with real stakeholders to develop a better understanding of how the film industry works and what are some of the challenges they face in production, scriptwriting and promotion of their films, to come up with a comprehensive package for them.

Over the last few years, our film industry has made a good come back with some super hit films.

With right people and correct timely decisions, this productive industry could earn lot of goodwill, material gains besides providing openings to new talent and jobs to many technical people.

This can only be achieved by bringing diversity in our content instead of focusing merely on stereotypical romanced films.

Rather than copying Bollywood and Hollywood, we have to turn to originality to stay relevant and survive in the competition.

If a masterpiece will be produced, the people will definitely turn to cinemas to see and appreciate it, no matter how much they are glued to entertainment available on the Internet these days.