New annual evaluation system perturbs teachers

Staff Reporter

The abrupt and ill-timed change in the annual evaluation system of teachers by Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) a few days back and shifting this responsibility to the Area Education Officers (AEOs) has perturbed the teachers.

According to an official source, the decision came when many principals had already written the Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) of the year 2020 adopting previous procedure.
If new procedure was adopted, hundreds of written ACRs will be wasted and thrown into bins due to late decision of FDE. In its notification issued on January 22, FDE allowed the Area Education Officers (AEO) to evaluate the annual performance of BPS-19 officers like principals, vice principals and associate professors.

He will also be responsible to countersign the ACRs of lecturers (BPS-17) and assistant professors (BPS-18) of the institutions under the umbrella of the FDE.
The ACRs of principals BPS-20 and 21 will be written by the concerned director and director general will countersign the ACRs.

Logically it should be the prerogative of the immediate boss or an officer who directly supervises the work of a subordinating official as it used to be the practice previously. Only the principal and vice principal of the institution can ideally evaluate the performance of any other senior officer working in the same institution.

It is illogical and ridiculous that an officer (AEO) who never interacted with the officers of a college/school will countersign the ACRs of the staff of educational institutions and write the ACRs of principals and vice principal of BPS-19, expressed a senior officer in grade-19 while talking to media on condition of anonymity. A lecturer at Islamabad Model College for Girls (Postgraduate) F-7/2 said, “The earlier vice principal wrote the ACRs of lecturers BPS-17 and assistant professors BPS-18 and principal countersigned the ACRs.

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