Neurocosmic mind healing and empowerment breakthrough | By Prof Anees Akhtar, UK


Neurocosmic mind healing and empowerment breakthrough

NEUROSCIENCE of mind empowerment is an international breakthrough and groundbreaking paradigm in neuroscience, self-help and space neuroscience books industry.

The author has created a cutting edge and paradigm shifting research in neuroscience and self-help industry.

This is a result of 10 years extensive research-based study on neuropsychology, self-help, and positive psychology with polymathic approaches developed by exploring the subjects of metaphysics, neuroscience, space science, cosmology and quantum physics.

The term neurocosmic brain has been coined by the author to represent the utopia “civilization on planet earth and extraterrestrial”.

According to published theory in this book, the author has presented a non-pharmaceutical cure and treatment for mental health and neuroplasticity.

This model of mental cure and empowerment would have significant Flynn effect on IQ, EQ and overall mental stability and optimization.

The neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Psychosis like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, autism, etc., were extensively targeted to investigate the cumulative effect of healing therapies on epigenetics and brain structure.

Music therapy, meditation, journaling brain waves and executive brain functions like goal settings and intuition were investigated to see their effects on epigenetics and brain structure.

The creative therapies like bibliotherapy, art, music, intuition and brainstorming are applied to educate and tender the emotions to optimize the minds with cyclones of untrained and uneducated emotions in cultures dominated by linear state of mind.

A significant change in mid model from linear to nonlinear i.e., from cognitive to metacognitive and transcendental and super genius level of mind empowerment is being expected by applying this model of neuroscience on mental health, healing, and empowerment.

Most of the therapies investigated in this model were found to stimulate, ignite and sensitize the pleasure center of the brain to flood pleasure and creative neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and acetylcholine in brain to bring back memory and learning abilities.

This empowers the brain and mind magnet by growing new cells in the brain, which results in the grey matter formation or growth in brain.

Human brain has natural capacity of embedding 4.8 billion books in its 1000 terabyte memory holding capacity.

Brain with high voltage of knowledge or bioelectricity would have more abilities to resolve more universal, social, political, and life problems than those brains who have lesser amount of bioelectricity or knowledge voltage to tackle life, social, financial and economical problems.

In this research study, it was found that human brain has natural capacity and is very receptive to these healing therapies.

It is found in the research that most of the mental instabilities are due to a lack of the knowledge of the universe, life, nature and brain functionalities.

This tends to generate fear in minds.Most of the fears are crippling for the body and mental health and social well-being.

This method of mental and emotional healing has been admired by many experts, professionals, medical, and scientific community.

In many research studies, eudaemonia or sources of happiness like music, art and creativity have been found to be the causes of healing, well-being and prosperity.

The cumulative effect of major therapies discussed in this model, especially positive psychology, have been found to be more effective therapies to suppress and alter the lethal genes including dopamine and neurodegenerative disease genes.

Therapies like executive brain functions especially goal settings are recorded to bring the disordered brain into order and be functional and productive.

Meditation, journaling and intuition are recommended to boost brainstorming for creativity. Music therapy, brain wave therapies and art therapies are recommended to sensitize patients’ memories and learnings in many dementias and neurodegenerative diseases.

The mute areas of the brain and organs like ear and olfactory lobes are sensitized and recover their sensations of taste and smell.

The whole structure of the brain may alter and grow and grey matter will keep growing until you adhere to these therapies.

In the history of human civilizations, small grey matter of the human brain was the cause of conflicts including social, economic, cultural, political, religious and spiritual conflicts among societies across the globe.

This comprehensive model of mind empowerment and healing could be beneficial to most of the population of our planet either by conventionally transferring it into memory system by reading, speaking, talking, or as an individual therapy like music meditation and art therapy to alter human vision and attitude at subatomic level.

It could also be transferred into human brain by uploading the nano robot of neurocosmic brain into hippocampus or blood stream by future technologies.

These neurocosmic therapies could be used as a non-pharmaceutical method of mind healing to achieve longevity and eternity without applying trans humanistic technologies in human systems.

This is the best model of terrestrial neuroscience to stabilize the brain and make it resilient to environmental and other stressful conditions, ie, by establishing utopia civilization of the author on planet earth and extra terrestrially and galactic civilization.

Neurocosmic brains would be able to solve many of their personal problems including financial, social and spiritual problems.

Neurocosmic brain may be able to well combat and control weathers, volcanoes, earthquakes and ocean explorations and control other extra-terrestrial threats to our planet like threat of meteor collision to earth.

They may have strong immune system to combat auto immune, cardiovascular disease and infections.

Neuroscience of mind empowerment and creative model of neurocosmic brain books are available in global market and online platforms.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in London.


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