NEPRA directed to rectify public problems of over billing, load-shedding

Staff Reporter

A legislative body of Upper House of parliament on Tuesday directed National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to take appropriate measures for rectification of over billing and load shedding across the country.

The directions were issued during a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat was held on Tuesday at parliament house under the Chairmanship of Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad.

The Committee received a comprehensive briefing on the working and performance of the NEPRA.

The NEPRA officials informed the committee that 40% of NEPRA losses have come down by 21%. The committee members showed resentment on the poor working of the WAPDA office/authorities.

Senator Khalida Ateeq dismayed that the increasing Electricity bill is resulting in the increasing miseries of the common people.

The committee members discussed in details the problem of load shedding and mal functioning of the transformers, leaving the common public in pain and agony.

The Chairman Committee directed the NEPRA officials to prepare report within a fortnight on the initiatives taken on over billing and repair of transformers in order to rectify the problems of the public.

He also urged the Chairman NEPRA to improve performance of his department which is far from satisfactory standard.

A detailed briefing on the working and performance of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), NEPRA was received by the committee members.

The Public Petition PP-3745 pertaining to PTDC, submitted by Malik Muhammad Khan, Chairman MK Pakistan, referred by Chairman Senate on 29th June, 2021 was also considered.

The meeting commenced with the welcoming words by the Chairman Committee and underlined that the committee will work above party lines with its primary role as a Parliamentary oversight, in order to assist the departments in service and delivery for the common public.

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