‘Need to prepare CSS exams according to syllabus’



One of the major reasons for failure in the Central Superior Services examinations is that students ignore the CSS syllabus and content

. Unfortunately, a large number of students believe that after completing their graduation, they can also clear the CSS exams easily, but after seeing the result, they should realize the importance of the preparation of the CSS exams.

Without understanding the content and program of study of the CSS, candidates could not succeed in the CSS exams. There is a need to prepare for the exams according to the CSS syllabus and content.

To succeed in competitive exams, passion for the study is very crucial. These views were expressed by the Associate Professor, NED University, Dr Abdul Hai Madani, while addressing an introductory class at the University of Karachi for new students enrolled in the CSS exam preparation course.

Meanwhile, the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that according to the recent results of the CSS Examination only 364 candidates out of a total 17, 240 candidates have passed the written examination, the passing ratio is only 2.11% and it marks a big question mark on student’s mindset, and our education system.

He mentioned that this result should be a worrying moment for the stakeholders. He shared that the key role in the development of any country is played by its top government officials who strive to formulate and apply policies in line with national needs.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said that selections of intelligent, talented, and skillful officers are possible through competitive examinations.

Another speaker, the Senior Superintendent Police Investigation Central Shehla Qureshi said that to succeed in the competitive examination, a candidate must have self-confidence and the ability to overcome his/her weak areas.

She mentioned that the Almighty Allah has endowed every human being with numerous abilities, so it is our responsibility to utilize them to deliver.

The SSP Shehla Qureshi informed the audience that a large number of people do not even know what civil service is and think that it is an easy way to get a job.

She mentioned that a CSS-qualified person can play a positive and key role in serving the country and the nation.

Speaking on the occasion, the KU Director, Students Guidance, Counseling, and Placement Bureau said that there is no shortage of intelligence in our youth they only need the right direction and guidance from society.

She said that KU always makes sure that aspiring students are getting the full attention and material required for the preparation of the CSS exams.

She mentioned that the Bureau conducts two competitive examination preparation courses in the yearbook so that more and more students can not only participate in the competitive examination but also succeed.

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