Need to heal wounds


THE country is passing through a constitutional, legal and political crisis generated by the no-confidence move and its ultimate outcome and its continuation for an indefinite period might help some individuals or parties but it would definitely harm short, medium and long term interests of the country.

It is, indeed, the responsibility of the state institutions to play their role to help restore normalcy, shattered-confidence of the masses and respect for the law and the Constitution.

The Supreme Court, as custodian of rule of law and the supremacy of the Constitution, rightly took notice of the situation and started hearing of the case immediately after the controversial ruling of the Speaker/Deputy Speaker National Assembly and dissolution of the National Assembly by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister, actions being seen as unconstitutional and illegal by the opposition and legal luminaries.

Sensing that the ensuing crisis and the resultant uncertainty could lead to a law and order situation, which in turn might force the state institutions to resort to extra-constitutional measures, the apex court barred all state institutions from taking any ‘extra-constitutional’ steps.

The top court also observed that public order must be maintained and no state functionary shall take any ‘extra-constitutional’ step in the prevailing political situation.

However, there was concern among legal and political circles that the court was not demonstrating the sense of urgency to the apparent blatant violations of the Constitution and unnecessary delay could complicate the situation further and the aggrieved parties might get frustrated.

Unfortunately, attempts were also made to link the developments of Sunday with the establishment but Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) affirmed that the institution was ‘absolutely not’ part of the move to dismiss the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan.

The issue is not about individuals, parties or vested interests but the future of the country and therefore, it is duty of all institutions, political parties, legal fraternity and media to make conscientious efforts to heal the wounds and take the country forward on the basis of rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution/Parliament.

It is also important that the election of the leader of the house in the Punjab Assembly (re-scheduled for Wednesday) takes place peacefully and as per provisions of the Constitution, relevant laws and conduct of business and rules of procedure of the provincial assembly.

The tendency to push one another to the wall is a sure panacea for chaos and instability and therefore, must be curbed.



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