Need to harmonize knowledge, skills with modern requirement, say speakers of Education Day Seminar


Speakers of a special seminary on “Education is the Key to Success” held here at Anjuman Faizul Islam Faizabad Center on Saturday in connection with the World Education Day, emphasized on the need to harmonize knowledge and skills with modern requirements. They said that the most basic purpose of education is to make man aware of his identity and the purpose of creation.

The Seminar was organized by the Jinnah Iqbal South Asian Pulse Forum (JISAF) with the collaboration of Anjuman Fiazul Islam (AFI) in Mian Hayyat Bakhsh Hall of AFI.

Former Senior Economic Advisor of World Bank Fateh M. Choudhary was the chief guest and president of AFI Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmed presided over the event. Rana Abdul Baqi, Chairman JISAF hosted the seminar while a large number of students and teachers of Anjuman-e-Faiz-ul-Islam including Senior Vice President of National Press Club Dr. Sadia Kamal, Former Member Punjab Bar Council Sajjad Akbar Abbasi Advocate, Dr. Sabahat Sajjad, Forum Organizer Arsalan Akbar Abbasi, Rana Ali Sajjad and members were present on the occasion.

While elaborating the importance of education in detail, Fateh M. Chdhary said that the Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had termed education as a matter of life and death for Pakistan which has not yet received the attention it deserved. “The educational reforms being undertaken by the present government to give equal role to Urdu, English educational institutions and madrassas in the national mainstream of development are very important and encouraging”, he added.

Fateh M Chaudhry said that personality and character building is an integral part of education on which teachers should pay full attention. Passing the exam and obtaining paper degrees by adopting illegal means and dishonesty is an escape from the purpose of education.

In his address, Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmed highlighted the need and importance of education and said that the primary and most important responsibility of teachers is to create a lust and desire for education in their students.

When the passion for learning develops, the students perform very well in the field of education. He said that teachers are role models for their students and they follow their teachers so they should be practical in which they teach their student.

Rana Abdul Baqi said that people associated with teaching are the architects of the future society who should always keep this role fresh in their minds.

“Education is the key to success which unlocks of locks of many blessings”, he mentioned. He said that the purpose of education is not only to get degrees and jobs but also it also raises man from animal level to human dignity.

Rana Abdul Baqi said that the words of the first revelation revealed to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) are IQRA which means to read and get knowledge. “As a Muslim, it is incumbent upon every individual of the Ummah to follow this command of God and strive to characterize his intellectual consciousness through education”, he emphasized.

Dr. Sadia Kamal, Senior Vice President, National Press Club, Prof. Dr. Aqeela Asif, Sajjad Akbar Abbasi Advocate, Dr. Sabahat Sajjad, Arsalan Akbar Abbasi and other speakers also spoke on this occasion and termed knowledge as the key to success.

They said that the education of a woman is more important than the education of a man, the effects of the education of a woman are passed on to the next generation. He said that the process of teaching and receiving education should be purposeful.

On this occasion, Fateh M. Chaudhry presented his book “Perspectives on Pakistan” as a gift to the teachers and office bearers of AFI.


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