Need to create public awareness on human rights stressed


In connection with International Human Rights Day, a seminar on Human Rights Education and Sensitization was organized by the Regional Office Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) in collaboration with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bar Council and the Provincial Directorate General for Law and Human Rights at conference hall of KP Bar Council Peshawar.

Legal experts, analysts and scholars on this occasion elaborated on public awareness on human rights and the role of lawyers and judiciary besides impacts of the federal and provincial government initiatives and effective legislation wherein more in-depth suggestions and recommendations put forth for moving ahead on this crucial issue.

Chairman Pakistan Bar Council Muhammad Fahim Wali in his inaugural address urged the lawyer’s community, bar councils and associations across the country to make the people fully aware of their human rights in Pakistan and the restoration of national reputation in the outside world. He asked for giving full support to the oppressed and discouraging the oppressors in every possible way as well as cooperate fully with the judiciary in the strict implementation of human rights laws so that we might be at the top of the list of civilized nations and societies.

KP Bar Councils Vice Chairman Naeem-ud-Din Khan Advocate and Peshawar Bar Association’s President Amjad Ali Khan Marwat Advocate agreed with the President PBC and assured to launch a public awareness campaign on human rights in this regard.

Zahid Rehan Khan Niazi, Regional Director, MoHR Government of Pakistan, deliberated in details about vivid achievements on human rights and future action plans, while Maqsood Ali, Deputy Director, Provincial Directorate General for Law and Human Rights, and Ghulam Hussain Ghazi, Deputy Director, Information Department, highlighted the candid measures and legislation of the provincial government to improve human rights situation in the country and KP respectively. They also presented the national and global scenario on this sensitive issue and highlighted the vital role of media in this regard.

The speakers pointed out that strict enforcement of human rights laws would automatically eliminate most of our social crimes and issues, but effective success also depended on the smooth functioning of the lawyers community as it is deeply rooted in both the public and the judiciary, they asserted. The speakers also highlighted the need for the role of a think tank in improving the national image of Pakistan on International front in this regard.


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