NCHD launches technology based video program for literacy following Covid SOPs


NCHD being the lead Agency in Literacy had once again proved that Literacy and Non-formal Education is utmost priority of the department. Keeping in view the situation of COVID NCHD had developed videos on literacy syllabi approved by the Federal Ministry of Education 2007 for illiterates.

This combo of technology and non-formal education will help to promote literacy in the country cost effectively. This was observed by Chairman NCHD while addressing the Launching Ceremony of videos here on Saturday.

Chairman NCHD stated National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) is always committed in promoting Non-formal Education especially in remote areas. Government had taken a number of steps in formal education during COVID-19 but non-formal education has always remained unaddressed, he added. There are still 57 million illiterates in the country and 22.6 million children out of school. Covid-19 had also slow down the performance of every department, he informed.

Departments working on non-formal education are more in trouble in COVID pandemic, he claimed. We need to explore alternate ways and strategies to provide literacy skills to the illiterates’ learners. He said NCHD had already developed ICT Kit in the past to address the learning needs of the learners and to cope with the digital society, he briefed.

Mobile based literacy project was another initiative, through this the illiterate women were contacted and learning skills were imparted through messages on simple mobiles, he informed. Chairman NCHD directed education team to utilize these videos to deliver learning to its learners and to scale up across the country.


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