Nazim Jokhio’s wife pardons killers of her husband


Widow of Nazim Jokhio, a local journalist who was allegedly tortured to death at the farmhouse of the accused PPP MPA for trying to prevent his foreign guests from illegal hunting of endangered houbara bustard, has forgiven the killers.

“My relatives left me alone, no one can understand my situation, I’m withdrawing from the case for the sake of my children,” Shireen Jokhio said in her statement.

Nazim Jokhio’s widow said her situation can only understand by the person who has own children. Shireen Jokhio said she is passing through a very critical time and added she has no greed for money, nor received any offer.

My justice will be done my almighty Allah Almighty, she maintained. The murder case of Nazim Jokhio was heard in the Sindh High Court. The lawyers said in a statement that the widow of Nazim Jokhio had pardoned the accused Jam Owais and Jam Abdul Karim.

The court extended the interim bail of the accused Salar, Dhani and others till April 11.MNA Jam Abdul Karim postpones his return to Pakistan

The prime suspect in Nazim Jokhio murder case, PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim, on Wednesday did not return to Islamabad from abroad following the addition of his name to no-fly list after he planned to return to cast his vote in the no-trust move against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MNA has to return to Islamabad as per his ticket’s detail, however, he did not board the flight. This is the second time that he changed plan for his return.

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