National sovereignty and self-determination | By Sehrish Khan


National sovereignty and self-determination

IMRAN Khan addressed a rally in Lahore after Peshawar and Karachi. According to “reliable estimates” by accountants and statisticians, there was a gathering of thousands at the Lahore meeting.

For us, having more or less an audience is not as important as the passion that drives Khan Sahib’s admirers to the auditorium.

Imran Khan is adamant that he was ousted from power through a no-confidence motion due to an American conspiracy.

Now Khan Sahib has also declared a person sitting in London as the main character of this conspiracy.

It was stated in two meetings of National Security that there was no conspiracy against Pakistan.

In the meeting of National Security chaired by the present Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, it was stated very clearly that according to the investigation of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, there was no conspiracy against Imran Khan.

The then Pakistani Ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed was also present at the meeting.

It was Asad Majeed who summed up a US official’s views on Pakistani politics at a farewell party held in his honour in the form of his impressions and the State Department was asked to inform US officials at the governmental level.

The cable was received by the Foreign Office on March 8, and the Pakistani Foreign Minister sought an explanation from the United States for twenty days without protesting or convening a meeting of the National Security Council.

After saying goodbye to power, Khan knew that he would be in the doomsday. He will be held accountable for his three-and-a-half years of performance.

And instead of presenting his office, he is asking them to explain why a conspiracy was hatched against him.

Khan’s statement now is that the US and opposition parties are involved in expelling him. Now at the behest of Khan Sahib, his spokesman Fawad Chaudhry is running this trend on Twitter, “Correct your mistake – hold elections”.

He did not say who would correct the mistake, but said it was aimed at national institutions. The emotional approach that Khan has adopted for this return will not last long.

The reason for this is that as the facts unfold, the details of Khan’s economic performance and his extremely poor governance will come to the notice of the nation, so that even the cult followers will reconsider their imaginative attitude in the light of the facts.

Pakistan borrowed Rs 30 trillion in the 71 years from 1947 to 2018 while Imran Khan in three and a half years borrowed Rs 22 trillion.

Hafeez Pasha, an economist and former finance minister, briefed the nation on the current alarming economic situation, saying that Pakistan currently has 10.8 billion in foreign exchange reserves.

If the dollars of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China and the IMF are taken out of them, there is nothing left in our begging bowl. The crisis of balance of payments has taken a terrible shape.

If the current government does not collect another 12 billion in debt by June, then our country could be in the same predicament as Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is currently bankrupt.Take a look at Sri Lanka for what this bankruptcy is.

There is no foreign exchange to buy oil in the treasury, the balance of trade has deteriorated badly.

Sri Lanka has had significant exports, including ready-made textile garments and many other items, which are in great demand in the world, but at present Sri Lanka’s imports are much higher than its exports.

Now these things are extinct in the country. There are many reasons for this dilemma, but the biggest one is the internal political turmoil, the lack of concern for the economic future and the intoxication of debt.

Also know the fact that the law of nature which is for Sri Lanka or Europe and America is also the law of nature for Pakistanis.

Nothing is more desirable than national sovereignty and self-determination.

Sadly, if the agenda of the rulers is nothing but to humiliate the opponents and push them against the wall, then these slogans of sovereignty and self-determination will remain mere dreams.

The Allah Almighty has given Pakistan an army which is recognized as one of the great armies of the world for its military training, its patriotism and its technical prowess.

By the grace of the Almighty, Pakistan is also a nuclear power. However, in today’s world, being financially independent is also essential for national independence.

Khan came to power in 2018 with a revolutionary agenda, but after taking over the government, he turned the revolutionary agenda into a revenge agenda.

Now Khan Sahib has resorted to an emotional agenda to return to power. At this time, the nation needs to think more realistic, rather than emotional.

Khan Sahib instead of using demonstrating tact to return to Parliament, make long-term electoral and economic reforms together with today’s government.

Set a date for the next election and prepare for the next election in accordance with the constitutional requirements while closing the chain of threats.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Rawalpindi.


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