National sex offenders database to be created: Faisal


Observer Report


The government will create a national sex offenders database, Senator Faisal Javed Khan said on Wednesday, a day after he said the ruling PTI aimed to propose stricter punishments for child rapists.
Speaking to the media here in the federal capital, Javed said sexual abusers often blackmail survivors and their families. “A database of rapists will be set up,” he added, noting that a consensus was needed for public hangings of rapists.
“Those who abuse children and women will be punished severely,” the senator told the media. “The prime minister has made it clear that no concessions should be made to such monsters.”
He added that there would be legislation to mete out the harshest punishment to predators and sexual abusers and laws enacted to keep the identities of rape survivors secret. “Such criminals blackmail victims of abuse,” he added.
Javed stressed that an example would be made out of sexual abusers and child rapists through legislation. “There needs to be a debate on laws of public execution,” he said,

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