Nation eagerly awaits long march call to get rid of imported govt: Aslam


Senior Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal has said that the alliance of thieves formed for personal interests is going to shatter soon. The leader of the Pakistan Dakoo Movement went to London for treatment and did not return, but instead of getting treatment, he is hiding in London to hatch conspiracies against the people of Pakistan.

While talking to members of the assembly, party leaders and other personalities at 90-SQA, Aslam Iqbal said that the money launderer of the Sharif family is playing havoc with the national economy by becoming the finance minister. A serious joke was played on the nation by putting the corrupt group in power, he regretted and noted that the nation is waiting for the call of the long march to get rid of the imported government. The desire to throw the leader, who defeated the 13 parties, out of politics will never be fulfilled. Now, the politics of looters will come to an end, not Imran Khan.

Those who make power and authority a means of looting, instead of serving the people, should go now. The sun of power of the looters will set before the sea of people reaches Islamabad, he added. Members of assembly Ahsan Baryar, Khyal Ahmad Kastro, former MNA Ali Imran Zaidi, Sardar Amir, Sardar Ahmad Khan Buzdar, Ch. Ashfaq Gujjar and others met with him to discuss political issues, ongoing development schemes and problems in their areas.


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